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"I tell everyone I meet who has a young daughter how fabulous your school is.” -Kelly, dance parent

“The best feeling in the world is being on stage for the first time!”
-Jeni, former dance student

[Sue and Kim are...] such amazing people, I couldn't be more happy with my daughters progress!  She is making new friends & loves it ♥♥” -Angela, dance parent

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should be dancing at Farmington School of Dance!

Why Farmington School of Dance?
Dance is a fun learning activity and at FSD, even our youngest students start learning terminology and the basic core steps of dance from experienced, adult teachers.  We know children are like sponges and while we don't expect our youngest students to execute the steps perfectly, we do want them to have a fundamental understanding of dance technique while still letting them be children! 
Our dance parents appreciate our age appropriate classes, music, choreography and costumes as well as our budget conscience payment plans
.  And our class sizes are large enough to let the students have fun but small enough to allow individual attention and not let your child get lost in the back row.  We would love to have you come try our classes! You can register online TODAY or request more information to find out for yourself why your child should be dancing at Farmington School of Dance!

Did you know?

  • Dance training promotes good posture and graceful movement.
  • Dance students learn more than manipulating their muscles...they also learn about rhythm and counting music, listening skills, dedication, determination, patience and commitment.
  • Dancers develop essential social skills through interaction with other students.
  • Because they learn to be aware of themselves, dancers develop a strong sense of self esteem.
  • Dance students learn to discipline both mind and body.
  • Dancers, like basketball players, have better peripheral vision.
  • A student of dance learns to play sports more easily.
    (That is why many professional football players take ballet lessons, and many colleges offer ballet to their sports players.)
  • Dancers learn the importance of teamwork!
  • Dance nourishes your child's creative spirit!
Farmington, MO

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