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Farmington, Missouri


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"My daughter can't wait for classes to start this year!" -Happy Parent


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our 2018-2019

We offer combination classes grouped by age/grade and ability level. (Groupings listed are approximate)

Ballet & Tap Combo class

Preschool 1– Ages 3-4

Preschool 2 - Ages 4˝-5 (pre-K & K)

Ballet, Tap & Jazz Combo class

Elementary Levels 1 – Grades K-3rd
Elementary Levels 2 – Grades 2nd-3rd
Intermediate Levels 1  – Grades 4th-8th
Intermediate Level 2 – Grades 4th-8th
Teen 1 & 2 – Grades 6th-12th
Adv Teen 3 – Grades 11th-12th

Adult Classes
based on interest
(combo or separate)

- Pointe is available for age 13 & up with at least 3 years ballet technique and by approval of instructor.
- All classes grouped by age & ability level.
- A placement evaluation class is available for transferring students.
- Average class size is 8-10 students.

There's no magic number as to when a student will excel in dance classes, however, before age 3, children's attention span & ability to listen and follow directions has not been established. By age 3, children are usually potty trained, are ready to pay attention to the teacher and cooperate with the others in their class.

In the event of a class dropping below the minimum class size of 5 students, we reserve the right to move the class and recommend students to another class where appropriate.

Students do not move up to the next level according to the amount of years that they have studied dance. They must be able to execute proper technique for each movement for that level. Once the teacher or director has determined that the student is ready to move up, then and only then will they be able to do so. Some students may take several years and others only one, according to natural ability, effort, and practice. Poor attendance will affect progression.

We look for several things in determining placement of our students including sound technical understanding, comprehension of the specific concepts and a strong level of confidence in their dancing. Students are placed with only the best intentions of the teacher and the concern that the student is placed at a level where they will be challenged, not frustrated.

If students are transferring from another studio we will ask them to take a class to determine their placement—generally at a level where we feel they will be comfortable enough to show their true ability. After their initial class we will speak with the parent and student about the best class for them to continue to achieve their goals.

The instructor has the final decision on any student’s placement in class.


Farmington, MO

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